Grievance Redressal Cell

Policy of Grievance Redressal Cell

As per the norms of University Grant Commission, institute constituted the student Grievance Redressal cell headed by the principal. The mission is to investigate and assess the merits of any complaints raised by the students including allegations of harassment. Anybody with a legitimate complaint can approach with the head of the institute or personally speak with the department members. If the individual is hesitant to appear in person, grievances may be sent in written to the committee at the suggestion box, or online mode with mail or by submitting Google form.


The prime objective is to foster an attitude of responsiveness and accountability among all parties involved in order to maintain the discipline for peaceful learning environment. The further goals includes…

  • To preserve the honor of the college by making sure that there is no conflict within the institution and by encouraging friendly relationships between students and teachers, among other things.
  • To encourage students for honest and open discussion of their complaints and issues without worrying about becoming victims.
  • To drop their complaints either using suggestion/complaint box that has been placed in front of the administrative block or by online mode using Google form and email where students can file their complaints.
  • To counsel college students to behave with the utmost restraint and patience whenever a conflict arises and to respect each other’s rights and dignity.
  • To aware every student to abstain from provoking themselves or any other student, instructor, or college administration.
  • To look into the base of complaints.
  • To guarantee that the grievances filed by parents, teachers, and students are effectively resolved.


Any written grievances from students about any of the following issues will be handled by the Student Grievance Redressal Committee: –

  • Academic Matters: Including disciplines of campus and class room behaviour, issues with timely distribution of duplicate mark sheets, transfer certificates, and other exam-related and administration related documents.
  • Monetary matters: Concerning fees and payments for different items borrowed from libraries, hostels, etc.
  • Food and Hygiene Matters: Concerning canteen and hostel mess issues related food quality and hygienic conditions. Issues related to facilities and cleanliness of rest rooms, latrines, etc.
  • Other Matters: Redressal cell also resolves issues related to transportation accessibility, teacher abuse, etc.
  • The inability to issue scholarships to eligible students to whom such institution is committed, or failure to do so within the timeframe specified by the University Grants Commission or by any other body.

Working Mechanism:

  • The students may submit the grievance issues through online mode either by [email protected] or by They can bring the issue to the notice by offline also with written by dropping their complaints in the suggestion box which is placed in the administrative block.
  • The secretory of GRC committee periodically check the email and Google form whereas the Student GRC opens the suggestions box at the end of every Friday and takes action of the raised complaint/s along with its remarks.
  • The Student Grievance Redressal Committee notifies the aggrieved students of the complaint’s investigation and schedules a date for investigation. When the students file written grievances, the issues will be quickly addressed.
  • The cell carefully evaluates each instance and takes appropriate action. The problem being resolved by the committee in a period of five to seven days.
  • The cell will give report to the authority about the cases attended to and the number of pending cases, if any, which require direction and guidance from the higher authorities.

The Grievance Cell will assure that the grievance has been properly solved in a stipulated time limit provided by the cell.

Students Grievance Redressal Cell constitution and function

It is functioning according to the following UGC norms.

  1. All complaints are first addressed by Grievance Committee whose composition is as follows:
  2. The principal of the college- Chairperson
  3. Three senior faculty members nominated by the Principal of the College.
  4. The tenure of the members shall be two years.


Sr. No. Name of the Committee member Designation Role Contact details
1. Dr. S. P. Jagdale Principal Chairman 9422444134
2. Dr. G. B. Sathe Vice- Principal Secretary 9420527310
3. Dr. R. L. Ghalme Asso. Professor Member 9421143701
4. Dr. (Mrs.) P. S. Panaskar Asst. Professor Member 7709462824

Anti Ragging Committee

Sr no. Name of Committee member Designation Role Contact detail
01 Aniket Nandiskar Assistant Professor Convener 9145199594
02 Jyoti Chougale Assistant Professor Member 7875263988
03 Kirti Parchure Librarian Member 9423262508
04 Digambar Kulkarni Assistant Professor Member 9405523730


Antiragging Notice and Report

Internal Complaints Committee

Sr. No. Name of Member Designation Mobile No.
1. Dr. Poonam Panaskar Chairperson

(Presiding Officer)

2. Dr. Ghansham Sathe Member 9420527310
3. Dr. Nanda Jagtap Member 9021734623
3. Miss. Pooja Potkar Member 7875144862
4. Mrs. Sonal Tendulkar Advocate 7030424181
5. Smt. Rachana Kadam Administrative staff 9421232932
6. Miss. Ayesha Khot Student Representative 7447855944
7. Miss. Niyatee Bhalgat Student Representative 9307541939
8. Miss. Habiba Sayekar Student Representative 9075784670


Internal Complaint Committee report, meeting minutes2018-2023


internal complaint


Internal complaint report 2022-23

Internal complaints 22-23 notices minutes