Environment and natural resource conservation is the prime duty of youth. Conservation of nature gives us better earth and environment for our future generations. The nature club of our college is a group of youths, generating awareness through some collective efforts of students.


  1. To inculcate love of nature in the minds of college youth.
  2. To develop social and environmental commitment.
  3. To develop leadership qualities and personality excellence through interdisciplinary group activities.
  4. To help students develop organizing capacity through independent planning and execution of environment programs.
  5. To help them aware of the concept of ecological balance through environmental education programs.
  6. The club arranged Bird watching Activities Nature Treks and Trails, Nature Trip, Nature Awareness Programs, Photography competition of Nature, Exhibition of Posters made by Students, Film shows on Birds and Reptiles, Celebrate different environmental days like world Tiger Day, Wetland Day, world conservation day etc.

Committee members

Prof. Nanda Jagtap

Dr. Gauri Phadke

Smt. Kirtee Parchure

Prof. Temkar Sujit

Prof. Amruta Mohite

Prof. Yadav Tejaswini

Prof. Prathmesh Chavan