Post Graduate Student and Teaching Staff Research Forum

The main aim of forum is exchange of thought and creating awareness regarding the recent trends and importance of various branches of science and commerce. To update the knowledge and implement in society through teacher, researcher, industrialist and student of science and to exploit various applied branches for betterment of tomorrow. The objective of forum is to bring together students and researchers in academics, industries and research institutions for knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas about current status and future directions in various fields of sciences and commerce. The forum will include invited talks and lectures of eminent scientists, and contributed research papers in the areas of science, commerce.

  • To strengthen the institution and its staff by recognizing, encouraging, and supporting a high level of professionalism in its workers and policies/protocols/practices.
  • To create a collective voice for staff and the issues/concerns brought forth by staff members.
  • To create more transparency across the institution regarding decision-making.
  • To educate and seek understanding about issues and opportunities facing the College staff.
  • To help create a culture of civility, equity, productivity, wellness, and high morale for all who work and study at the College.

Remit of the Post Graduate Student and Teaching Staff Research Forum

  • Explore key local, national issues relating to research and teaching staff.
  • Encourage discussion of such issues to take place among key staff.
  • Staff forum practice help to improve the research and teaching experience
  • Increasing networking among researchers and teaching fellows from different areas of the college
  • Engage proactively in the ongoing work to maintain and develop Research culture in college.
  • Ensure career and skills development for research and teaching staff are given a high in the staff development agenda.

Activities plan

We carry out the following activities in the college

  1. Invited talk
  2. Lectures of eminent scientists
  3. Organization of students lecture on their project
  4. Organization of Teachers lecture on their research area
  5. Small Scale workshop

Post Graduate Student and Teaching Staff Research Forum Committee

  1. Dr. B.A.Yamgar- Convener
  2. Prof. S.S.Kadam- Member
  3. Prof. M. Dhayalkar- Member
  4. Prof. M.R.Mulay- Member

Programme Schedule