Our library has a collection of about Total No. of Books 7760 and 177 bound volumes of scientific and other journals. We have a very special collection in every subject with many important titles. It also has a rich collection of technical, scientific, literary and popular journals and periodicals, newspapers, and also reference books like dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and books required for various competitive examination including MPSC and UPSC. The library is computerised to facilitate quick searching of books.

The College library provides references to the students, staff and eminent persons in the society. Many past students are still taking advantage of our enriched collection. Free internet facility is available for students. Through its Book Bank, the Library provides books to the students. It offers an extra library ticket, the Scholar’s Card, to meritorious students. The library arrange Annual Book Exhibition to assists various departments of the college, to arrange departmental book displays in the library for the benefit of the students.

Students have access to e-resources (e-books and e-journals) through N-LIST program of the UGC Infonet. The College Library has also taken Institutional Membership of leading local libraries like Hari Keshav Library and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Government Library through which more than 40 books/month are borrowed for the students every year.


Book bank facility is offered to

  1. Meritorious/low income group students by college.
  2. Reserved category students


Working Hours: The timing of library is very flexible for students and faculty. The library is kept open throughout the year except on public holidays. The reading hours of library are 09.00 am to 05.30 pm.

Library Collection and Organization

Type Total
Total Books 7960
Text books 3700
Reference Books 2885
Audio-Visual Material (Educational CDs) 191
Periodicls/Journals 13
Newspapers 09
Research Journals 06
Ebooks (Via N-List Programme) 31,35,000
Computers with Internet Facilities 02


Rules and Regulations

  1. Every individual entering the library should be a BONAFIDE STUDENT of the College and must have a valid INDETITY CARD while entering the library. The Identity card should be produced as and when demanded by any of the library staff. Issue of the book is on the borrow card.
  2. For in-house reading, books from Reference Section are provided during all working hours.
  3. Library Fine: A book must be returned on or before the due date as per the notice. In case of urgent need the book will have to be returned immediately. Usually books are issued for a period of one week. In case, a student fails to return a book within the time limit, a fine of Rs. 05 per day (excluding holidays) per book will be charged. If a book or periodical is lost the cost will be recovered from the concerned student.
  4. Mutilation of Book: Students must handle books with great care Any attempt to damage books by defacing or tearing off the pages will be dealt with strict action.. It is strictly forbidden to mark library books with pencil or ink or mutilate them in any way. The reader to whom the book was/ is issued last will be held responsible for loss of pages or any other damage unless he/she has brought it to the notice of the library staff before borrowing. Any student held responsible for damage of reading materials will be liable to fine equivalent to the damage caused.
  5. Students should ensure that they do not disturb other students in the Library.
  6. Books, Periodicals, Sets of Question Papers, copy of Syllabus etc., are not to be taken out of Reading Hall without the permission of the authorities concerned.
  7. Ex-Students of our College and students of other Colleges are not allowed to use the Reading Hall facility unless prior written permission from the Principal.
  8. Students will not be issued more than two book at a time for home reading. While returning books students will ensure that the necessary entry of return is made in his/her presence.
  9. Books issued against the Identity card are for use in the Reading Hall only and must be returned while leaving the library. Disciplinary action will be taken against students violating this rule.
  10. Silence: Students are particularly instructed to observe utmost silence in the Reading Hall. They should not enter into communication of any kind with others in the Reading Hall or in the corridor. Disregard of this rule will invite punishment.
  11. Students are not allowed to complete Journals in the library.
  12. The smooth working of the library is possible only if students adhere to the rules and regulations of the library. The Librarian reserves the right to refer cases of breach of discipline to the Principal.
  13. All Departments have departmental Library with free access.
  14. Every student must return all reading material of library along with borrow card at the end of his/her annual examination.



The College has state of the art seminar hall with a seating capacity of 160. It is equipped with best acoustics, LCD projectors etc., making multimedia communication effective and meaningful.



The college has large, well ventilated laboratories for practicals in Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Botany, Microbiology and Computer science. The laboratories are equipped with modern instruments to cater to the needs of the present syllabi and beyond. There are separate laboratories for post-graduate student sections. The post graduate department have highly sophisticated instruments, some of which have been especially imported for specific research work.



The College has a spacious play ground in campus which meets the requirements of most outdoor games like Volleyball, badminton, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi etc. For other outdoor games Government ground called ‘Azad Maidan’ is availed on request. Facilities for almost all indoor games are provided in the college campus. The well equipped multi gym provides students the opportunity to build their stamina to be better able to cope with the rigours of college life, channelize their energies in a healthy way. Membership to the gym may be availed by students, staff members and ex-students at extremely reasonable rates.



The college canteen provides a varied, wholesome, hygienic food at subsidized rates.



The LCR is a spacious area with well ventilated rooms, furnished with ample seating arrangement.