About activities:

The ‘Cultural Committee’ is functional in planning and organizing various cultural activities in the college.  These activities are based on different forms of arts like Music, Theatre, Literary, Fine arts and Dance. Such activities give not only opportunity but also recreation time to students in their busy academic life.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Find hidden talent among the students and provide them a platform to showcase it.
  • Provoke students to develop arts and skills.
  • Encourage and Guide Students to achieve success in the cultural activities outside the college campus.


Cultural Committee 2017-18 :

Dr. G. S. Phadke Convener
Dr. R.S. More Member
Prof. S.S. Marathe Member
Prof. S.R. Mehendale Member
Prof. A.V. Mulukh Member
Prof. M.K. Pethe Member
Prof. P.S. Salvi Member



Participation –

  • Inter collegiate Cultural Youth Festival organized by Department of Student Welfare, University of Mumbai.
  • Cultural competitions organized by various organizations or Institutions.


Organization –

  • Cultural events during Annual Youth Festival
  • Workshops :
  1. Basic Photography Workshop for students and teachers (2015-16)- by Mr. Shushil Joshi, Professional artist.
  2. Water colour Painting and Sketching work shop for students (2016-17) – by Shushil Joshi, Professional artist.
  3. Rangoli making and Painting Workshop for students (2016-17) – by Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, Professional Rangoli artist.


  • Competitions :
  1. Various competitions in Fine arts like Rangoli, Collage, Wealth out of waste, Mehendi designing, Cartooning, Poster making, Photography etc. are organized during college youth festival.
  2. Competitions in Literary forms such as Elocution, Debate, Poetry recitation, Storytelling are organized during annual socials.
  3. ‘Swara-Taj’ singing(solo) competition
  4. ‘Days Presentation’ is a group event wherein students form groups and present their view/ skits on days observed during youth festival.


  • Host college for Elimination round (Zone IX) of 50th Intercollegiate Cultural Youth Festival of University of Mumbai.




1) Awards and achievements at University level of Intercollegiate Cultural Youth Festival –

Name of the student Event/ Competition Rank/ Award
Sarfaraz Bate Rangoli Gold Medal
Neha Parkar Debate Best Debater
Sonali Remaje Collage Consolation
Ahinsa Jain  


Skit (Group A)




Snehal Kumthekar
Anuprita Shinde
Poonam Patinge
Sameer Barve
Jayvant Katkar
Tanaz Khatib Elocution (Group B) Third Rank
Poonam Patinge Elocution (Group A) Consolation



2) Awards and achievements at Zonal level of 50th Intercollegiate Youth Festival (2017-18) –

Sr. No. Event/ Competition Name of the student Rank/ Award
1. Elocution (Group A) Poonam Patinge First
2. Elocution (Group B) Tanaz Khatib Second
3. Debate (Group A) Tejas Mehta First
Chinmay Vaidya
4. Debate (Group B) Tejas Mehta First
Saniya Naguthane
5. Story Telling (Marathi) Chaitanya Kelkar Third
6. Story Telling (English) Tamanna Shaikh First
7. Mimicry Sameer Barve First
8. Mono acting (Group A) Anuprita Shinde Second

Skit (Group A)

Ahinsa Jain First
Snehal Kumthekar
Anuprita Shinde
Poonam Patinge
Sameer Barve
Sairaj Kadam


Indian Group Song

Pankaj Deogharkar Second
Gaurish Barve
Siddhi Salgaonkar
Tejal Vartak
Harshada Karmarkar
Riya Ketkar
11. Indian Light Vocal Pankaj Deogharkar Second
12. Clay Modelling Siddhesh Malgundkar Third