Prof. G. B. Kulkarni Central Library (library dynamic page ,smart-web-page)

The library of college is established with the establishment of college in 1996. At the beginning, the library was located on the first floor of main building of college with small collection of reading material. Now it is situated in the new separate building with area is 1937.5 sq. ft. with more than 11,000 books and other reading material. The library is with seating capacity of 80 students. For this new building, son and daughters of Late Prof. G.B. Kulkarni (Professor of economics in Pune University) have donated with handsome amount. The name of Prof. G. B. Kulkarni is prefixed the name of central library.

The library has collection of study books, reference books, research journals, magazines, newspapers, CD’s, bound volumes of journals, reference tools such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and also books useful for various competitive examinations.

The College Library has also taken institutional membership of leading local libraries like Hari Keshav Library and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Government Library through which more than 40 books/month are borrowed for the students & staff every year.

The library is partially automated with Web Based Library Software of Biyani Technologies. The catalog of library is available on intranet. Free internet facility is available for students. Free internet facility is available for students in library. The library has six access points for library users to search within library. Also offline library catalog is given on the website of college to search for library books when user is outside the library.

Offline Catalog

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Vision and Mission of library

To support students, teachers and researchers by providing appropriate learning resources and services.


  • To assist library users with text books, reference books and other study material
  • To build up reading habit among the students
  • To support for best utilization of library collection by users
  • To make students ready for higher education

Beneficiary of book bank schemes in the academic year 2022-23

Sr. No. Name of scheme No. of beneficiary students
1. Book Bank for Meritorious students 20
2. Book Bank for Low income group students 05
3. Book Bank for Reserved category students 41
4. Book Bank for Academically weak students 20

Book Bank List for year 2021-22

Working Hours: The timing of library is very flexible for students and faculty. The library is kept open throughout the year except on public holidays. The reading hours of library are 09.30 am to 05.30 pm.

Library Collection:

in the academic year 2023-24

Sr. No. Type No of books
1. Text Books 6759
2. Reference Books 3377
3. Books for extra reading 1607
4. Audio-Visual Material (Educational CDs) 180
5. Research Journals 12
6. Newspapers 09
7. Magazines 12
8. Ebooks (via N-List Programme) 1,99,500 +
9. Ejournals (via N-List Programme) 6000 +
9. Computers with Internet Facilities 06


Library Advisory Committee:

  1.  Dr. Masal V. P. – Convener
  2. Dr. Ghalme R. L. -H.O.D. Botany
  3. Dr. Sathe G. B. –H.O.D. Chemistry
  4. Dr. More R. S. –H.O.D. Zoology
  5. Prof. Kulkarni D. D. –H.O.D. Physics
  6. Prof. Salvi P. S.  –H.O.D. Microbiology
  7. Prof. Dongare S. S. –H.O.D. Computer Science
  8. Prof. Sutar Aniruddha – H.O.D. Environment Science
  9. Dr. Chougle J. A. –H.O.D. Commerce



Library Staff

Keertee Ramchandra Parchure

Email – [email protected]

Qualification – B.Sc., M.Lib. & I.Sc., M. Phil (Library Science)


Mr. Prakash Shigwan
Library Attendant

Links and E-resources

The Shodhganga@INFIBNET centre is a platform to deposit Ph. D. theses of research students and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access.

Link for e-shodhganga

directory of open access journals

Directory of open access books

Library Dynamic PDF page

library dynamic page ,smart-web-page