Botanical Garden Profile

A botanical garden is a garden dedicated to the collection, cultivation and display of a wide range of plants labelled with their botanical names for purposes of education, research recreation and conservation.

Goals and Objectives

  • Plantation and conservation of plant species required for education and research.
  • Plantation and conservation of some endemic and threatened plant species.

Botanical Garden Committee

  • Dr. R. L. Ghalme
  • Dr. V. P. Masal
  • Prof. A. V. Mulukh
  • Prof. N. P. Kamble
  • Prof. S. M. Awale
  • Prof. A. V. Murudkar


Area: 1 Acre.

Horticultural implements.

Drip irrigation.

Well with electric pump.


Botanical Garden, live taxonomic tool having about 1acre area having

  • No. of Plants:  508 (Species 205)
  • Rare, Endangered and Threatened Plants : 15 (Species 06)
  • Endemic Plants: 11(Species 03)

Innovative Programme

Conservation of Endemic and threatened plants with involvement of students.


Photographs of Important Events