1. College has introduced Uniform for UG and PG students from next academic year i.e. 2016-2017. Both Science and Commerce faculties will have different uniform shades. The samples of uniforms are displayed near college notice board.
  2. In the college premises every student must be in possession of his/her valid Identity Card & must wear it throughout till he/she is in college premises or representing the college at any other place. Whenever demanded by the authorities concerned, the Identity Card must be produced for inspection.

Duplicate Smart Identity Card:

In case Identity Smart Card is lost, it should be reported immediately to the Librarian. A duplicate Identity card will be issued to the student against a payment of Rs. 300/-, after receiving proper application and copy of a police complaint (FIR) in this respect.


  1. Courtesy, respect, politeness and punctuality are characteristics of ideal student. The Students are expected to greet all visitors and members of staff of the college with due respect. Students should remember that college is judged by their conduct.


  1. All should be punctual about cleanliness of the college campus. Throwing out waste papers, defacing the walls are punishable offences. They should use the baskets and bins specially provided for.


  1. Mobiles, phones are strictly prohibited on college campus. Strict disciplinary action will be taken if a student is found to use mobile (University / Government No. UJ / 552 at 31/12/2004).


  1. Stakeholders should switch off the lights and fans when not required and also while leaving the classrooms/laboratories/Library.


  1. Attendance: Attendance of students is regulated by ordinance 0.119. which states – “For granting of terms, attendance of 75% of theory, practical and tutorials (wherever prescribed) separately will be required, out of the total number of lectures, practical and tutorials conducted in the term. (Students/Parents are required to check defaulters list displayed on notice board)


  1. Students who fail to maintain the condition of minimum attendance on account of bonafide illness, or any other reason which is deemed right by the Principal, should apply in writing to the Principal for leave of absence, prior or within 2 days from the date of commencement of such leave, failing which they will be treated as defaulters.


  1. Absence of the student on valid grounds at lectures/ practicals/ tutorials/ tests/ examinations must be communicated to the College principal immediately in writing with the necessary supporting documents viz. Medical certificate etc. If any.


  1. Students, who request leave of absence from lectures/practical/tutorials for participation in sports, games, cultural, NSS, DLLE or any other activities on behalf of the College/Activity group, should submit the applications countersigned by the respective Teacher-in-charge before the commencement of such leave, failing which they will be treated as defaulters.


  1. Parents of College students are requested to kindly contact the Head of Department or the Principal, at least once in a term, to keep themselves in touch with their ward’s attendance and progress.
  2. Every student must complete, all the academic work assigned to his / her class by the respective teachers, such as the completion of Practical Journal, Home Assignments, Field Diary, Project etc., in time.


  1. All students are expected to observe proper decorum with regards to both clothing and behaviour and should take utmost care not to disturb the working of his/her own class as well as that of others.


  1. Students are directed not to bring any outsider to the college premises.


  1. Counseling/Mentor System: The college has also set up a Mentor System having teacher mentor to guide the students in their difficulties.. In case of any problem, personal or academic, students should report to the Mentor teacher who will help them to solve their problems.


  1. A teacher conducting a class at a given time shall be in absolute control of the class, and may take appropriate action in order to maintain discipline in the class.


  1. Any member of the teaching or non-teaching staff may intervene on the spot to deal with disorderly / destructive activities on the part of the students either in the class room or outside the class room in the College premises.


  1. Every student should take utmost care of the college property to keep the College premises neat, tidy and clean for the common welfare of all. Any damage done to the College building, furniture and fixtures by the students shall be treated as breach of discipline and therefore it should promptly be reported to the College Principal.


  1. Students are requested to take care of their own property. The College Authorities are not responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of the students.


  1. Any lost property, found by the student should be handed over in the College Office, which will be refunded to the claimant on identification.


  1. No student shall collect any money as contribution towards picnics, trips, educational visits; get together, study-notes, charity or any other activity without the prior permission of the College Principal


  1. No society, association, committee, organization of students should be formed in the College without the sanction of the Principal. Outsider should not be invited to address any meeting or to participate in any college activity without the prior permission of the Principal.
  2. Students applying for certificates, testimonials etc. requiring the Principal’s signature on any kind of document should contact the clerk in the office. No paper should be brought by students directly to the Principal for signature.


  1. Any matter not covered by the rules and regulation in vogue and/or notified through notices, circular, prospectus etc., will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal. The right of interpretation of any rule is reserved by the Principal.


  1. Anti Ragging Cell: The Anti Ragging Cell, a statutory body was constituted as per UGC and University of Mumbai norms for the prevention/action against sexual harassment of women It looks into the cases of ragging or any other student centred conflicts in the College. It must be mentioned that due to the strong discipline maintained in the College, incidents of ragging of students have not taken place at any level. Preventive measures are also taken by the anti Ragging Cell along with Women’s Development Cell to preempt unsavoury incidents in the College.
  2. It is presumed that the student has acquainted himself / herself of all the rules, regulations etc. as stated in Prospectus and accepts the same as binding on him / her before seeking admission to this College.