Soil Testing Consultancy


For Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, distinctiveness is a characteristic that differentiates this institution from any other. Distinctiveness does not mean being unique or the absolute best; rather, we pursue distinctiveness to ensure that the college stands out from other institutions in higher education and is known among the best of all those pursuing similar goals. This distinctive characteristic becomes “what the institution is known for” by the general public.

An institution pursues distinctiveness as a way of focusing and offering intellectual energy and its resources wisely for a social cause. Institutional distinctiveness sets a central theme around which excellence is built. Academic circle here recognize our services to government departments’ and farmers in the vicinity. Students gain a training and hands-on knowledge of working with high-end instruments. These services also contribute in central government ambitious mission of providing soil health cards to all farmers.



In India Fertilizer application and consumption is highly unorganized with wide variations. The NPK ratio, which is the measure of balanced use of fertilizer, shows wide inter-state and inter-crop disparity. Though there has been an impressive growth in the consumption of fertilizers in post green revolution period, their indiscriminate use has been one of the reasons for declining productivity in recent years. Studies and Evaluations have revealed that the lack of adequate soil testing facilities and related advisories have forced the farmers to depend on unreliable sources for advice on the fertilizer requirement, which is one reason for the unbalanced fertilizer use.

Soil test based nutrient management has emerged as a key issue in efforts to increase agricultural productivity and production since optimal use of nutrients, based on soil analysis can improve crop productivity and minimize wastage of these nutrients, thus minimizing impact on environmental leading to bias through optimal production. Deficiencies of primary, secondary and micronutrients have been observed in intensive cultivated areas. Maharashtra is a state with different physiographic and agro-climatic zones. Soils are generally fertile, but some deficient and problematic soils need proper management. These facts clearly demonstrate the utmost need to establish more and more soil testing labs in the State.

To address above issues, college has set-up Micro-analytical Soil testing laboratory where total 13 soil health parameters can be tested. The soil conservation department of Maharashtra state collects samples from farmers and then send to college for analytical testing. In a short span of 5 years the institution has created a niche for itself by achieving success in providing its infrastructural facility supports to government and society in general.

Following parameters are tested in the micro-analytical laboratory

Sr. No. Name of Parameter Instrument used
1 Electrical conductivity Conductivimeter
2 PH PH meter
3 Iron (Fe) Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
4 Copper (Cu)
5 Zinc (Zn)
6 Manganese (Mn)
7 Organic C Double Beam Spectrophotometer
8 Phosphorous (P)
9 Boron (B)
10 Sulphur (S)
11 Potassium (K) Flame Photometer
12 Calcium (Ca)
13 Nitrogen (N) Automatic Nitrogen Analyser


Total number of soil health cards distributed to farmers (Year wise)

Ye10ar Total Number of Samples tested Number of parameters tested Total number of soil health cards distributed to farmers
2013-2014 1720 04
2014-2015 2940 09
2015-2016 4199 09 8316
2016-2017 12453 09 50841
2017-2018 1027 13 10270

Teaching and non-teaching staff working on unaided courses are involved in the overall working of this activity. Needy students are also identified and involved as a part of ‘earn and learn scheme’. These students are trained and given different assignments related to this activity. Number of staff members and students trained under the scheme ‘Earn and Learn’

Year Total Number of students trained under the schem
2015-2016 25
2016-2017 32
2017-2018 20