Minority girls to main stream of education

Dapoli Taluka of Ratnagiri district has 15.37 % Muslim population as per the Census 2011.  Out of this Muslim population women’s population is 52.86 %.  But dropout rate of Muslim girl’s students for higher education after 12th standard is remarkable.

Barriers to girl’s education in minority community are beyond a stereotype. Gender restriction in education has been a big issue in minority society down the periods. In today’s world of science and technology, this unwanted inequality is prevalent in minority community under the shadow of different barriers which include factors like religion, conservative attitude of people, orthodox mindset, illiteracy, early marriage, poor economic condition etc. Parents of Muslim girls are reluctant to admit them in colleges for higher education.

“Education of boy is education of one person, but education of a girl is the education of entire family.” Said pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. One educated mother is greater than hundred teachers. For full development of our human resources, the improvement of homes and for moulding the character of children during the most impressionable years of infancy, the education of women is of even greater importance than that of men. Education of women is very important for the progress and development of the country. Hence, the college takes special efforts towards admission of girl students from the Muslim community for the various academic courses and programmes of the college. Our college environment has inherent safety, unbiased working and academic atmosphere. This particular thing attracts minority girls and parent to our college. Which results in the remarkable increase in the Muslim girl’s student’s strength during the five-year assessment period.

Previously percentage of Muslim girls is 17.34 % in total girls’ students and 9.25 % in total students’ strength. Now the average percentage of Muslim girls for five years is 41.04 % in total girls’ students and 24.45 % in total students. This reflects 23.7 % increase in Muslim girl’s student strength. College Minority Cell gives special emphasis on these girls to improve not only their academic performance but also to increase the participation of these Muslim girls in extra and cocurricular activities.

Though these girls are from rural background their performance in academics as well as in extracurricular and co-curricular activities is promising. Now the average percentage of Muslim girls in college rank holders for five years is 65.55 %. The secret of this success is remedial teaching and mentoring which help them to get rid of academic stress related problems. The college consistently addressing the needs of these girls by forming inclusive set of policies to bring them in the mainstream of learning that eventually results into making them comfortable and confident.

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